Golf Tournament Prize Lawsuit

One golf club wishes it could take a mulligan. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

An Arkansas country club hosted a golf tournament that advertised the prize for hitting a hole in one would be a shiny new fifty thousand dollar Ford F-150 from a local car dealership. You can imagine their surprise when someone actually did hit a hole in one, at which point the golfer, understandably, expected a shiny Ford F-150.

Well you know if this is on the legal report it’s not going to be a happy ending.  The car dealership says that it gets insurance on anything offered as a prize, but didn’t know that the country club would be using the truck for anything other than display purposes. So yeah, the golfer just filed a lawsuit. If you run a contest with rules about what a person has to do and what they’ll win, and someone enters that contest, you’ve created a contract and if you don’t give the prize that was advertised, it is a breach of contract, so the country club should have had the foresight get insurance or not advertise a prize they can’t afford to lose.

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