Work From Pub

You’ve heard of work from home. But the British are kind of nailing it with the work from pub concept. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

The Guardian reports an increasing number of British taverns are offering WFP deals—Work From Pub. For eleven bucks a day, one pub chain is offering workers a sandwich, a table for the day, and unlimited coffee.  The pub is hoping that at 5 pm (or, let’s face it, right after you’ve scarfed down that sammie), you’ll pony up for a pint.  What’s not to love?

Maybe the law.  First, check your company’s rules on where you can conduct business, particularly when you’re on video calls.  If you have access to trade secret or other confidential information, you may be violating company policies by logging in through a public network. And if you hold protected health information or if your system has access to stored credit card info, you could violate the law if you’re lax with security. So maybe unplug that laptop before you start your day drinking.

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