Neighbor’s Security Camera

One listener wants to know if she has legal recourse to stop a neighbor’s security camera from recording her property. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Mari-Beth lives in a townhome development where her neighbor recently installed a security camera on the side of his home. The camera points at the decks behind her home that come off the kitchen and the bedroom and record anything she does there. Creepy! But is it illegal? No. 

While there are different laws that relate to audio recordings, where a camera is recording only video of an outdoor space, the person being recorded does not have a legal right to expect privacy even if the outdoor space is on her own property, provided her neighbor isn’t doing it to harass her or spy into her home. Mari-Beth tried talking to the neighbor who won’t remove it, so she can try to force the homeowners association to enforce rules that say residents can’t hang anything from the outside the house; otherwise though, she’s just going to have to keep her shades closed.

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