A Kentucky father learned a lesson about the law when suing the school. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

The father of a Kentucky high school student believed his son’s GPA was not properly calculated by the school district when classes were conducted online during COVID. He requested a hearing with the board of education, who ignored him—so he sued the district. 

Under state rules, a person who represents a minor has to be represented by a lawyer. Since the dad didn’t have a lawyer but was representing himself, the court dismissed the lawsuit. Although, the father has the right to bring it again if he gets a lawyer. But here’s why he shouldn’t do that. There have been several cases in which parents or students have sued schools over bad grades, and the Supreme Court has said it will not generally second guess a school’s decision unless it can be demonstrated that those at the school didn’t exercise professional judgment. But that’s a really high bar. 

The better bet is to spend more time studying and less suing.

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