Massachusetts Mattress Police

Massachusetts just passed a law about mattresses. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

You know how the mattress tag says “do not remove under penalty of law” and every bad comedian asks: well, who’s going to arrest me, the mattress police? Hm, in Massachusetts, the answer may now be yes, not for throwing out the tag, but for throwing out the mattress. As a point of fact, it’s the company that’s selling the mattress that can’t remove the tag, not the person who bought it because the tag tells consumers how much of the mattress is new and how much is used, or, in prettier parlance, recycled. 

Once you buy a mattress you can do whatever you want with the tag. But if you live in Massachusetts, you can’t throw out the mattress but must recycle it unless it’s contaminated with mold, bodily fluids, insects, oils or hazardous substances. Ew. If you’re buying a new mattress and want to recycle the old one, or live in Massachusetts and have to, ask the store to haul away the old one or call Goodwill or other secondhand sellers to ask them to come and get it to avoid the mattress police.

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