Tow Storage Fees

One listener wants to know if it’s legal for a tow truck company to charge for storage fees even when they’re closed. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Pennsylvania listener, Robert N., wrote in because his son’s car was towed from the parking lot at a friend’s apartment because uncollected leaves covered the paint showing the spot was reserved. By the time his son realized his car was towed, on a Friday night, he couldn’t get the car because the tow lot was closed for the weekend and they charged him a hundred bucks a day for storage even though they wouldn’t let him pick up the car till they reopened on Monday. 

Robert wants to know if that’s legal. Unfortunately, it is legal. Frustrating, but legal. If a car is towed in Pennsylvania, the storage facility has to provide access to your vehicle during posted business hours. But the law doesn’t say what those hours must be, or prohibit storage fees when they’re closed. Your son might want to ask the apartment complex if they’ll chip in because their failure to rake cost him a tow. Or at least make the friend come to him the next time.

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