Drinking at Family Parties

It’s not just the tree you have to worry about getting lit; it’s the teenagers at your family holiday parties. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Forget leaving out cookies and milk for Santa. Miller Lite is selling a Christmas tree stand, which is basically a keg with a table on top where the tree goes. Classy. Thanksgiving through New Years is prime holiday party time, and studies conducted by the Tulsa Department of Health found that in the month of December 11,000 youth a day try alcohol for the first time often at family holiday gatherings when alcohol is plentiful and rules are relaxed because parents don’t seem to worry as much when they’re with their kids at parties where alcohol is served. 

Mm, Scrooge here. Still illegal—and parents can get charged with allowing underage drinking and be held liable if a teen’s drinking leads to an accident. Even at a family celebration, be your kids’ Elf on a Shelf, on the lookout for naughty behavior.

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