Items Taken From a Hotel

A woman who bought a TV off Craigslist was surprised by what popped up when she turned it on. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A woman posted a TikTok video about what she saw when she turned on the TV she bought off Craigslist: the logo of the Grand Waikikian, a part of the Hilton Vacations Club, the hotel from which it had obviously been taken.  One of the viewers of her story was, in fact, Hilton, which posted quizzical-looking emojis. Which raises the question: what can you legally take home from a hotel?

While hotels have their own policies, in general the answer is shampoos, conditioners, and body lotions that are yours to use are OK to take with you if supplied in individual bottles.  But other items like hair dryers and bathrobes are not to be taken home just because they’re not nailed down. If they are missing, you will be charged. And if you take the TV or minifridge, you’ll be lucky if the emoji you get isn’t a bandit, because the perpetrator can be charged with theft.

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