Turkey Label Tips

I’m Amy E. Feldman, with a bone to pick with Martha Stewart on her turkey roasting tips.

Martha Stewart shared her tips for how to cook a holiday turkey, and number one on her list was buying the perfect bird, which, according to Martha, means ordering a hormone-free, free-range turkey.  And I mean, yeah, who would want a hormonal turkey?

No one. It’s illegal to use hormones when raising poultry—they are, by law, all hormone-free. Do not pay more to see those words on the label. Free-range sounds good but it only means turkeys had access to the outside, the law has no requirement of when or for how long. So if you think seeing the words “free-range” means your turkey spent his days on Martha Stewart-worthy grassy fields, think again. You might want to save your money instead of paying more for the buzzwords on a label that mean very little to invest in the cheesecloth that she says is the key to a truly juicy bird. Cheesecloth. Who knew?

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