Thanksgiving Lawsuits

I’m Amy E. Feldman with a litany of legal cases that remind us to be thankful that we weren’t those people.  

Nothing puts the fun in dysfunctional quite like mixing family, food, and the pressure to be grateful for it, does it?  That’s why Thanksgiving turns out to be a very litigious holiday, as evidenced by the Florida family whose fight over stuffing turned into a hair-pulling brawl that led to the arrest of the hosts’ mother- and father-in-law. Then there was the Rochester restaurant whose bacteria-ladened gravy sickened 300 people at a Thanksgiving Day buffet leading to a raft of lawsuits.

But it’s not just the side dishes, it turns out that the turkey itself could be quite problematic: a woman choked on a bone and sued the restaurant but lost the case because the court said bones are a natural part of the food so it’s up to her not to gobble the meal.  Now that the last of the leftovers have been eaten and the guests are gone, you can be grateful if you’re left with just the memories of another Thanksgiving past and not an arrest, a hospital visit, or a court summons.

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