Car Held Together With Duct Tape

The driver of a car partly held together with duct tape had an excuse when he was pulled over. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

After an officer in Ontario pulled over a car that was mostly held together with duct tape, which kept what was left of the back windshield on the car and taped over the missing side window, the man told the police it was ok, he was on his way to sell the car.  In answer to the question can you drive a car with parts like the windshield, windows, or mirror held on with duct tape, the answer is you can drive it but you’ll almost certainly get pulled over for driving an unsafe vehicle.

It’s illegal under the motor vehicle code in virtually all states to drive a car with necessary parts that aren’t safely and completely secured to the car.  You will also fail inspection. As convenient as it is to use and as inexpensive compared to costly body work, unfortunately duct tape is not a substitute for actually fixing an unsafe vehicle, no matter how close you are to junking your junker.

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