No Fun Firing

Lighten up, Francois. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A man in France, referred to in court documents as Mr. T, sued his former employer after he says they fired him because he wasn’t fun enough and didn’t like their fun-based approach to team-building.  He says he wouldn’t participate when they went out after work, or called each other nicknames, or played gags like simulating sex gestures. I was with the employer there until they lost me with the whole sex gesture thing. The French court ruled in his favor.

In the US, the court might take a different approach depending on the severity of the conduct.  Here, it is not illegal to fire somebody because they’re not likable even if he’s competent. That said, if by “not likable” they really meant that he wouldn’t be a bystander to sexual harassment and they retaliated against him for not participating, then yeah, it’s illegal here too and I pity he fool who’d force anyone to participate.

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