Driving Too Slowly

An 80-year-old man named Dennis was a menace on the freeway. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Dennis, a retired man in Derbyshire, England was pulled over on a divided highway, where he was riding his motorized scooter. The posted speed limit on the road was seventy miles per hour; Dennis the Menace as police referred to him, was going 8 miles per hour.  You know the police can pull someone over for driving too fast.  But did you know it’s also illegal to drive too slowly?

Unless reduced speed is necessary for safe operation (like when roads are treacherous) or in compliance with law (like when speeds must be reduced in a construction zone), you can’t drive a motor vehicle at such a slow speed that it impedes the normal and reasonable movement of traffic. It also matters what lane you’re in if you’re driving slowly; the far left lane is for passing; slower traffic should stay in the right hand lanes. Lucky for Dennis, he wasn’t given a ticket but was directed off the highway and told to scoot on home.

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