Christmas Lights on Cars

The Grinch has one thing in common with the Wisconsin state troopers. Both would have pulled over one holiday-spirited driver. I’m Amy E. Feldman

If you’ve seen cars with a red ball attached to the front bumper and felt antlers on the side mirrors to look like Rudolph this time of year, you might have thought: that guy’s got the holiday spirit; how can one up him to show just how festive I am? Well, you are not alone. The driver of a Chevy Camaro in Wisconsin who watched a YouTube tutorial on how to wrap your car in Christmas lights did just that and got pulled over by state troopers.

What the YouTube clip failed to mention is that blinking lights that can distract other drivers and red and blue lights that can be confused with emergency vehicle lights are prohibited while driving in virtually all states, and some states, including Pennsylvania, prohibit ornamental lights including neon lights completely, so keep the lights off your car while you’re driving or you could see the flashing lights in your rear view mirror.

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