Executing a Judgement

You think winning a lawsuit is the hard part – one listener found out that’s only half the battle. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Beverly hired a limo company for her mom’s 80th birthday, but there were many problems with the ride and eventually Beverly had to file a lawsuit against the company.  She won a judgment for six hundred dollars but still hasn’t received the money and wants to know how to get them to pay up.  Sometimes winning is the easy part if the judgment debtor refuses to pay.

State laws differ, but in Beverly’s home of Pennsylvania, you’d first file your judgment with the County Courts by taking a copy of that judgment to the county where the debtor owns assets. You’d then ask the court for a form to file a Writ of Execution, which allows the Sheriff to sell their assets.  You can then set a sheriff sale to sell their stuff and you can send interrogatories to their bank to freeze their accounts. But before you do all that, you might want to send a letter with a copy of the judgment to their accounts payable department and ask when you’ll be paid, and see if that gets their attention.

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