Tax Form for an Influencer

One listener has a question about a tax form for an influencer. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A listener’s company contracted with an influencer to cover a high profile VIP event in Europe.  The influencer didn’t charge a fee for the posts she put on social media, but she required the client pay her flight to Europe business class, meals, and hotel.  The listener believes the company should issue her a 1099 tax form but the influencer says since there was no cash payment, she shouldn’t need a tax form.

So the legal question is obvious: why didn’t I think of that? A job where someone pays my plane ticket to Europe and all I have to do is throw up a couple of TikToks?  Oh, and: if there’s no cash received, does a company have to give a 1099 and does she have to pay taxes?  Yes, if you’re performing services for which you’re receiving value, you’ve got to pay taxes on it even if it’s not a monetary payment and the company giving it has to send a tax form. She can, however, feel free to post that she’s outraged.

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