Marked Up Markdown

Those after Christmas sales with thirty percent off are pretty enticing. But thirty percent off of what? I’m Amy E. Feldman.

An investigation by the nonprofit organization Consumers Checkbook spent more than 6 months tracking prices at 25 major retailers and claims most discounts are, as they call them, attempts to mislead; the prices were first inflated only to be “marked down”.

There are many consumer lawsuits right now against various stores on items ranging from clothes to pet supplies based on the claims that so-called sales weren’t markdowns at all, so before you plunk down your money for something you didn’t realize you needed until you saw how deeply discounted it was, stop and figure out what the actual value is of the item and then ask whether you really want it so you don’t mistake an item that’s “on sale” with one that’s just  “for sale”.

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