Geico STD Decision

Geico just won its appeal over a payout to a person who got an STD in a Geico-insured car. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A woman filed a lawsuit claiming she’d gotten HPV, a sexually transmitted disease, while engaging in sexual relations in a car insured by Geico.  Without telling Geico, the two former lovebirds agreed that they’d take the case to arbitration and that Geico would pay if there was a finding in her favor. Geico sought to intervene in the case, but their motion was denied, and the arbitrator subsequently awarded the woman 5.2 million dollars to be paid by Geico, who wasn’t allowed to participate.

Geico appealed the decision to Missouri’s Supreme Court and the Court just vacated the five-million-dollar payout and sent the case back to court to be fought, this time with Geico’s participation. Geico has separately already filed a motion to get a court to say this type of injury is not covered.  So if you are getting frisky for the purpose of getting a large insurance payout, keep your pants on in the backseat.

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