Rideshare Accident

One listener wants to know what happens if your rideshare driver is in an accident. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

We teach our kids never to get into a stranger’s car, and then we put apps on our phones for the purpose of getting strangers to give us a ride.  But when listener Tom C. started thinking about it, he wondered what happens if the rideshare driver gets into an accident but hasn’t told his insurance company he’s using his car for business purposes?

Great question, Tom.  Most personal car insurance policies specifically exclude coverage if the car is driven as a business.  That’s why both Uber and Lyft require their drivers to get commercial insurance.  But they also know that if there’s an accident, lawyers will go for the deepest pockets, which are the companies themselves so both companies also have policies that cover accidents if the driver is using the app and is on duty and has logged in and accepted the ride. So Tom, you should be covered.  That said, still not a good idea to take candy if the driver or any stranger offers.

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