Toblerone Love Insurance

In advance of Valentine’s Day, Toblerone is offering love insurance. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Candymaker Toblerone UK is offering a unique way to hedge your bets on Valentine’s Day.  If you buy one of Toblerone’s online Valentine’s offerings, you can register for an insurance voucher so if you and your erstwhile love partner part ways before Valentine’s Day, you’ll get a credit to use towards a product on the Toblerone website. Not clear how Toblerone will check that you’re actually heartbroken—or even bought the gift for a real love interest instead of your imaginary boyfriend to collect the insurance.

Real insurance fraud can take many forms, from unemployment fraud where people who are working also collect unemployment to those who fake car accidents, theft, or other damage. And there are software products that automate fraud detection, and investigators who can conduct surveillance, but it seems highly unlikely Toblerone has any plans to investigate whether it’s an actual heartbreak or just a ploy to get an extra chocolate bar for you and a whole lot of publicity for them.

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