Faking Your Death

A Brazilian man wanted to see how many people would come to his funeral, so he faked his own death. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A Brazilian man was curious to see how many friends would come to his funeral so he faked his own death to find out.  Outrageous! Offensive! But illegal?  Well, that depends. If you fake your own death to collect life insurance or to avoid paying your debts, that’s fraud so yeah, illegal. If you are the parent of a minor child and leave the child alone and unattended, that’s endangerment and yes, illegal. And if you’re doing it while under suspicion of committing a crime for the purpose of evading authority, yep. That’s illegal too.

But in the absence of a criminal motive, there’s no law that prohibits someone from just deciding to disappear.  Still, if you care about your loved ones, think twice before hurting them, and remember that you’re likely to get many fewer people to come to your real funeral when it’s time if you’ve pranked them into coming to your fake one.

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