Lisa Marie Presley Trust Lawsuit

A lawsuit against Lisa Marie Presley’s trust was just filed —by her mother. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Lisa Marie Presley was the sole owner of Graceland and all of her father Elvis’ personal effects when she died.  Before she died, she had created a trust for those assets, and had originally named her mother, Priscilla, and a business partner as the trustees. But unbeknownst to Priscilla, she amended that document, removing Priscilla and the business partner and naming her daughter, Riley Keogh instead. Priscilla just filed a lawsuit challenging that amendment. 

Many people who find out they are cut out of a will want to challenge it, but you can’t challenge it just because you don’t like it—you have to state one of the few legal grounds for a challenge, which include undue influence, lack of capacity, fraud, and forgery.  Priscilla’s lawsuit says that the signature on the amendment doesn’t match so it’s a forgery.  Priscilla and her granddaughter will now likely fight this out to see who gets what from the person they both loved.

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