Madison Square Garden Facial Recognition

In this corner, we have lawyers who have sued Madison Square Garden, and in this corner, the billionaire owner who won’t let them into the arena. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

There are approximately 90 law firms who have filed lawsuits against Madison Square Garden on claims ranging from employment discrimination to premises liability. But the most potentially costly part of those lawsuits is the way the owner of MSG handled the fact that it gets sued: he implemented a facial recognition system that bans all lawyers who work for any firm that filed a suit from entering MSG for any games or concerts that they bought tickets for.

Those plaintiffs’ lawyers have now sued over the policy and it’s now leading to an investigation by the New York State Liquor Authority which thinks the use of facial recognition technology might violate its policies and could potentially lead to the revocation of the arena’s liquor license so we’ll see how many non-lawyer ticket holders MSG loses if Knicks fans can’t dull their pain if that happens.

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