Cancer in the Workplace

The Department of Labor is using the C-word. Cancer in the workplace. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

The Department of Labor recently wrote a blog post about your legal rights in the workplace in the event of a cancer diagnosis.  It is illegal to discriminate against an individual on the basis of the patient’s status as a cancer patient under both the Americans with Disabilities Act, which requires that your employer makes reasonable accommodations for you, and the Family and Medical Leave Act, which prohibits an employer from retaliating against eligible employees who take time off for which they’re qualified.

The blog post, which can be found by visiting the Department of Labor’s website at and typing “cancer” into the search box, also contains links to federal and state laws and a guide to talking to your employer about your need for time off so you can spend more time getting the medical information you need, and less time having to pursue legal remedies.

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