The court in Spain just upheld a man’s right to bare buns.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

The high court in Spain just ruled in favor of a man who was fined for walking through the streets of Valencia nude.  The man arrived at the courthouse wearing nothing but hiking boots to argue against his fine for “obscene exhibitionism”, saying it should not apply to his nudity, which he said doesn’t have anything to do with sexual intent.  He argued that the fine infringed on his right to ideological freedom.

In the US, that would be a losing case for the man because here, nudity is generally against the law in public places.  It’s even against the law on private property if the nude person is visible to the public, like sunbathing without his clothes on his own lawn if there’s no fence to hide his naked hide from view. The Spanish court, though, ruled in favor of the man, saying that his nudity did not harm the public’s security, tranquility, or public order; even still, it made him put his clothes on before he came into the courthouse to argue his case.

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