Splitting a Lottery Jackpot

It’s good to win the lottery. Unless you don’t want to share it with your spouse. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A man in China who won a million-dollar lottery was just ordered to share the jackpot with his then-wife, apparently having forgotten to mention it to her. For two years.  He just acted as if nothing happened, although he did transfer some of it to his sister and some to his ex-wife. That’s where the court of public opinion shifts from almost admiration to outrage.

If you win the lottery when you’re married, can you cut out your spouse?  Sorry to tell you, but absent a prenup, or in some states non-commingled pre-marital funds or an inheritance, everything acquired during the marriage bought with money earned during the marriage is marital property and must be split. He bought that ticket with joint funds. That said, splitting of assets only happens if you split.  When you’re married, you can decide how money is spent. Spending it on an ex-wife though, bad idea.

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