An Indiana man had a novel defense to a complaint he mooned his neighbor: it’s her fault she looked. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A woman in La Porte, Indiana called the police after she noticed her neighbor had been using a pump to drain water from his pond onto her property.  She was looking to see what he was doing when he noticed her, turned around, dropped his pants, and mooned her. When police arrived, he admitted it, but said it’s not his fault his neighbor watches him while he’s on his own private property. If she doesn’t want to see him, she should look away. Uh, not how that works.

Even if you’re on your own private property, if your private parts are visible to the public, you can violate public indecency laws. Now, some state laws only consider it indecent exposure if your front parts are naked and those laws don’t apply to your backside. But maybe we’d all be better off if, instead of fighting over whether the laws of indecent exposure apply, people would instead focus instead on being a decent neighbor.

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