Surveilling the Lunch Thief

A Michigan police department opened an investigation into the theft of a sandwich. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A Michigan police officer put his sandwich on the breakroom table when he was called out of the room. When he returned the sandwich was gone—and another officer was seen licking his lips. Seems risky to steal something from a guy with handcuffs on his belt, even if you also have them on yours, no?   Well, he’s not alone—a survey by Peapod found that 71% of employees have had food stolen from the office kitchen and many an office has put up surveillance cameras to find lunch thieves.

But if you’re thinking of being your own Columbo, you should know that while there’s no federal law that prevents video surveillance in public places (never record in the bathroom), if the video has an audio component in some states like Pennsylvania, you have to tell people they’re being recorded or YOU are the one who has committed a crime. As for the suspected officer, he’s invoked his right to remain silent.

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