Shaquille O’Neal Service of Process

Shaquille O’Neal apparently wants no part of the court these days. Not that one. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

It’s hard to miss a man who is over seven feet tall, but those looking for Shaquille O’Neal are having trouble finding him. That’s because O’Neal, who was a paid spokesperson for the now defunct crypto exchange FTX, is reportedly hiding out in his home to dodge a lawsuit brought by investors. Which may make you wonder: how big is his house? I know. I wonder if it has a movie theater.

Also, can’t they just mail him a copy of the lawsuit? Well, no, a court can’t try a case against someone unless he’s given proper notice of the lawsuit, which has to be handed to him or an authorized person at his house or business. But you can only avoid it for so long. If it’s clear a defendant knows about a case but has made a concerted effort to avoid being handed the suit, the plaintiff can ask a judge to serve him in alternative ways like the mail, so it’s not a slam dunk that he could continue to avoid it.

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