March Madness and Federal Employees

Boy, the government sure knows how to put the “Mad” in March Madness. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

The Federal Department of the Interior put out a memo about March Madness, and it wasn’t: here’s a great distraction from the parade of horribles that is the state of the world, enjoy!  It was instead a warning to all federal government employees: Federal rules prohibit employees from gambling while on duty, or while on Government-owned or leased property, even if it is a matter of simply spending a few bucks on a friendly office pool.

And the same is probably true if you work for a private employer, which also likely has rules about whether you can use their laptop to stream the games you’re probably gambling on. Beyond that, it’s easy for those who work remotely to keep the game on during so-called “work” time, but remember, it’s not really an honest day’s work if you’re literally sitting on your couch, glued to the TV. Bad enough when your bracket is busted—you don’t want your boss to bust you watching or gambling during work hours.

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