I’m Amy E. Feldman with a lawsuit brought by middle schoolers over a demand for justice for “Lil Pickle”. 

A California middle schooler who goes by the nickname “Lil Pickle” announced on Instagram that he was having a concert to perform his original song “Crack is Wack”. Students showed up in force to the open area of the campus for the concert, which apparently spooked the administration who assumed something nefarious was going on.  They ordered the kids to leave the area and sent Lil Pickle home for the day.

One entrepreneurial student printed up and sold T-shirts with the slogan “Justice for Lil Pickle”, which ten students wore to school.  When the school demanded they take off the shirts, one student refused, saying it was her First Amendment right.  Is she right? Well, schools are allowed to have dress codes, and have leeway to ban certain words on clothing if the message causes a material or substantial disruption to the school environment.  But this school will have trouble proving that the silly message created the disruption rather than their own overreaction.

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