One listener wants to know if he’s entitled to fees as the executor of his son’s estate. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A Pennsylvania listener wrote in because he was named the executor of his son’s will and wants to know if he’ll receive any type of compensation for those services.  In Pennsylvania as in all states, the role of the executor is paid from the proceeds of his estate—the estate is the total value of his assets at the time of his death.

In Pennsylvania, there’s no statute that gives exact fees, but there are guidelines that say the fee must be reasonable, and it’s typically from five percent of an estate that’s worth less than a hundred thousand dollars to a half percent of an estate valued at more than four million. has a map of fees in other states in the executor-fees-by-state section at the bottom of the website.  I am sure it is really very cold comfort to know your time will be compensated.

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