Dick Van Dyke and Elderly Drivers

Dick Van Dyke’s wife is trying to prevent another bang out of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Dick Van Dyke says he’s “sore all over” after getting into a car crash last week, although he points out that at age 97, all of his friends are dead so he’s better than they are.  To prevent that for him, his wife has reportedly taken away his car keys.

If you’ve concluded that it’s no longer safe for your elderly parent to be driving, what are your legal options? Well, you can talk to your parent’s doctor. While some state laws prohibit doctors from disclosing medical information to the DMV, most provide immunity to doctors who report patients in good faith.  If the doctor can’t report it, you can by going to your state’s DMV website and searching how to report your parent’s condition.  But before you take legal steps, start by getting him a rideshare app, and talking to him to ask him to stop driving—kindly—to see if a spoonful of sugar might help the medicine go down.

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