A listener wants to know what to do about an icky problem. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Christine, a Pennsylvania listener, has a problem faced by many who live in apartments: mice.  The property manager has had exterminators come to seal the holes where they enter, but the mice are back, and management isn’t so quick to get back to her.  She wants to know if she can call the Board of Health.

Well, rules vary by state and county, so you should check with the township or borough of Code Enforcement. Unfortunately though, mice are a pretty common problem, so unless it’s an infestation, seeing sporadic evidence of a few might not get them to inspect, so you may need to be the one squeaking—continue to call the management until they send someone, and to the extent that your personal property is damaged, try sending them the bill and see if they’ll pay or let you out of the lease to find a place where there are no furry inhabitants.

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