Judicial Immunity

Lesson number one in law school should probably be: look up judicial immunity before you sue a judge. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

The Court noted that a University of Denver Law student’s academic externship with the district attorney’s office was “not going well”.  Spoiler alert, if the court has to render a decision about your externship, that’s empirical evidence of the truth of that statement.  It was going so “not well” in fact, that a judge barred the student from entering her courtroom and, according to the lawsuit he filed against her, called the student’s supervisor and advocated he not pass the class.

One problem: they must not have gotten to the concept of judicial immunity in law school yet.  That’s the legal doctrine that says you can’t sue judges for their judicial actions. They’re immune from lawsuits. As a result, the case was tossed.  So, legal lesson you don’t have to go to law school to learn: don’t bother suing a judge.

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