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An experienced lawyer. A lifelong learner. An expert in storytelling. Amy Feldman combines industry leading legal advice with a talent for communication. Her goal? To make the law accessible to everyone.


Amy is defined by her breadth and depth of her experience. As a result, her legal advice caries serious weight.


Cornell University, BA History / University of Pennsylvania Law School, JD / University of Pennsylvania MSEd, Masters in Education

For Amy, being informed and educated has always been priority number one. Her passion for learning has made her an expert legal adviser.

Legal Counsel

The Judge Group Law Firm

Amy has spent the better part of her career as a lawyer at The Judge Group in Philadelphia, PA. Here, she's worked with countless clients to help them solve their legal issues and has become an expert adviser.


KYW Newsradio 1060 / Other

Amy has been working in the radio business for years. Now, she's trying to take her content to the next level and move into new-age media.

More About Amy…


This humorous, frank, and sometimes irreverent site is your entertaining and helpful online resource to radio and television segments, news articles and other useful tidbits on dozens of legal topics. With a little knowledge, common sense and human kindness — SUCCESS without the legal mess can be yours.

Whether you have some legal concerns now or just want to browse our site and its many topics, simply navigate to the blog or podcasts and search around for what you’re looking for! Since Amy is a regular media guest, who is relied upon for her legal experience locally and nationally, this site is regularly updated with new insights, challenging questions, and subjects of interest that can help you understand how to stay out of trouble, avoid a lawsuit, or discover if you actually have a case.

Remember, Amy is not your lawyer, but her insights, stories and unique way of passing along information may be helpful when you’re not sure whether you need to get a lawyer or get over it.

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