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Hi Friends!
I'm Amy!

Amy E Feldman holding Ezra Exposed book.

When I was in middle school, I felt mostly invisible. I was always last picked for teams in gym
class. I was the girl who sat in the front of the class, did my homework, and never talked back. I knew that kids rolled their eyes whenever I’d raise my hand (again) to answer a question. I didn’t want to be the teacher’s pet. I wanted to get invited to the cool kids’ parties. That didn’t happen. I had a small group of close friends, and eventually I realized that having a few true friends who really understood me was much better than being surrounded by a lot of people who didn’t really care about me. I’m grateful that I eventually learned to care less about the opinions of those who don’t have my best interests at heart. But of all the things I’m grateful for, I am extremely grateful that images of that awkward time when I had a haircut that I hated, wore clothes that looked silly on me, and wore an expression that showed an obvious discomfort with myself exist mostly in my memory and in photos that now reside in my mother’s photo album, away from the eyes of the world. That isn’t true for kids today, whose electronic lives remain online long after they’ve become different, smarter, kinder

I wrote this book because I am hoping that everyone who reads it will think before they post
anything which will make them feel ashamed when they look back on it. I also wrote it as a reminder that we all make mistakes. Anyone who says they’ve never done anything embarrassing has a very bad memory. And as hard as it is to believe, the most embarrassing events often make the best stories in hindsight.

Thank you for checking out my website. I'd love to hear from you!                               

                                                                                                                                               - Amy

Amy holding her book, Ezra Exposed
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