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Oddest Thrift Shop Finds

Amy E. Feldman

Website Bored Panda gathered lists of the weirdest things people found at thrift shops.

Among the oddest items that people have posted about finding at a thrift shop were a ceramic ash tray in the shape of a human palm for saving the chewing gum you’re not quite ready to throw away, a lifesize mixed media portrait of Princess Diana with real human hair, and a KFC fried chicken scented firelog which actually sounds amazing. But not everything sold at thrift shops is quite as terrific.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, many products that get recalled every year and can’t legally be sold in retail stores wind up in thrift shops. 51% of thrift shops sell childrens outerwear with a drawstring at the hood which can lead to strangulation. Avoid those. And 12% of thrift shops sell cribs that don’t meet federal safety standards. Check the CPSC website to make sure children’s furniture wasn’t recalled. But if you find that chicken firelog, buy it.

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